Tales & Folklore

In every generation there is a man... a certain kind of man with an elemental ability to wrangle both the wild wind blown auras of the rowdy American west, with the childlike innocence of an Indiana barnyard hoedown. Combine this with the condition-less love and freshly wafting fragrance of heaven... and you will have one Brian Shilts. Brian and his band The High Country River Drinkers are men who have drunk from many different wells and admittedly found that the fountain of Jesus is the most joyous and intoxicating pleasure that has ever touched their lips. This long-term experience with Jesus has deeply impacted Brian and spurred him on to write music that reflects all of the boundless wonders and love that he has seen with his eyes and felt down in the marrow of his bones.

When asked about his music, Brian noted "I just wanted people to have songs to sing about this life that come from a place of fullness. I sang so many songs about being lost and empty and thirsty that when Jesus finally told me that He had already found me and filled me and quenched my every thirst, I almost didn't believe Him. But oh I believe Him now, and I can't stop singing about it!"

Brian's love for Jesus and discovering His goodness within the human experience is unmistakably supported by his sweetheart Milly. They rode off together into the sunset over a decade ago, and have been living out all of their wildest dreams in the exotic wonderland that is Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their hearts and souls have been knit together in Fort Wayne, hand in hand with a growing community of like-minded believers in this Gospel message, called Hillside Christian Fellowship. Brian's life has not been without its' challenges, but He has seen the faithfulness of his ruddy Groom come through time and time again. He often reminds himself, as he reminds all of us, "when the hour seems darkest, look for who's coming around the corner, His eyes burning with fire, you will not mistake them."